The LinkedIn hack that got my startup into AngelPad

In the previous video that I shared, I told the story of how I ended up moving to America by pulling an insane LinkedIn marketing stunt. In 2015, I gave a talk at the conference Hustle Con about exactly how I pulled off the LinkedIn hack. I’ve edited slightly for brevity:

I also did a writeup of the talk, with screenshots, which you can read over at The Hustle.... click to read full post

How I ended up moving to America

I moved to America in the summer of 2011. A few years back, I was on an online TV show called ‘The Valley Girl’. Here’s a 3 minute clip of me telling the backstory about how I ended up arriving in The United States:


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Watching Coin get built

Kanishk1... click to read full post

Top Tools & Gadgets for Hacking Your Productivity

This article was re-purposed as a Mashable guest post here:

Startups are hard-work; I can often find myself working until 2-3am in the morning for days at a time and then having to get up to come in at 10am the next morning to start all over again. I’m quite a night-owl and get a lot of my work done late at night, so getting up early can be tough, on top of that I’m fairly ADHD and not a naturally organized person. But there are a number of gadgets and tools that I (and potentially you) can employ to organize working routines more effectively, here are my top recommendations:


1. Lark ($99 for iOS)

I’ve found Lark to be a great wake-up alarm; it’s silent and wakes you through a ... click to read full post

Top 5 Tips to Hustle Your Startup’s Hiring

This article was re-purposed as a Mashable guest post here:

Hiring, especially in Silicon Valley, can be one of the toughest challenges of running a startup, as there’s so much competition, especially to hire engineers. When trying to run a lean startup, the prospect of spending 20% or more of a hire’s salary on recruiter fees is not exactly appealing. However recruiters aren’t your only option for hiring, there are lots of ways to hustle your hiring on the cheap, here are my top 5 tips:


1. Have a structured recruitment process

It’s good practice to come up with a structured recruitment process, which you can evolve over time and only skip the structure for exceptional candidates. Having every candidate go through the same process means that you will have a ... click to read full post

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